Ingram Bros Safe Cracking in Fair Lawn and Newark New Jersey

Ingram Bros Safe Crackers serving Fair Lawn & Newark New Jersey. Specializing in safe cracking of home safes, gun safes, jewelry safes, banker safes and vault door removal. Moving made simple is our promise to our clients from the very first call made to our expert safe moving technicians. Our skilled safe crackers, use proprietary equipment, allow us to deliver high a solution for your safe to be opened.  Same day – next day service available when you call for a quote.

Safe and Secure Fair Lawn and Newark New Jersey Safe Moving

Ingram Bros Fair Lawn Newark safe crackers, uses the industry’s top equipment and materials in addition to our experience and training to make job simple as possible.  Let our crew of experienced and trained professionals provide you a solution for your safe needs.

Why Choose Us?

We Are New Jersey’s Best Professional Safe Movers

There are distinct benefits in hiring a professional moving company like Ingram Bros Safe Moving in Fair Lawn and Newark New Jersey. Just a few of these benefits include.

  • Less risk of injuring yourself or your employees
  • Minimized risk of damage to the safe or the property
  • Quick, effort-free moving of the largest and heaviest items
  • Allows you time to concentrate on more important matters


If you are interested in hiring our safe crackers, we are happy to provide you with a free estimate. 

Bank Safes and Vault Door Services

We provide business services for small and large businesses in New Jersey, let our crew of experienced and trained professional safe crackers provide you with a solution for your business needs. We also provide Vault door solutions, no job is too big for Ingram Bros Safe Moving Fair Lawn Newark.

frequent ask questions from our New Jersey customers

If your question is not here contact us

Thank you for your interest in Ingram Bros Safe Moving.  These are our common frequently asked questions, if you have any additional questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us.



Or Call (973) 954-5185

What kind of safes do you move?

We move gun safes and banker safes and vault doors TR/TL 30×6 safes and install commercial and residential vault doors.

What’s the heaviest safe weight we move?

We move safe weights up to 12,000 lbs.

Can we move a safe up or down steps?

Yes, we can move safes up and down steps.

How soon can I get my safe delivered or picked up?

Our service team can respond and setup delivery within 24 hours or less.

What if I don’t have a loading dock?

We have specialized equipment and machinery tools  for these type of deliveries. Inquire with your sales rep.

Should I bolt my safe to the basement floor?

No we recommend you put the safe on wood blocks in the basement in the event your basement floods your safe will be safe.

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